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Persian Empire Arak Saggi

Type: Eau de vie, grape distillate, 700 ml, (item no. 8237801)

Grapes: Sultana Raisin (100%)

District: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Details: Closure: Modern screw cap

Alcohol: 40%.


By using traditional methods and grape varieties, in Canada they manage to produce thr Iranian

national drink Arak Saggi (Aragh Sagi) in an excellent way!


Price: Restaurant price


Distillation: Made from 100% quality sultanas (seedless), distilled 3 times in pot still and aged for 6 months.


Description: Clear, transparent. Aromas of dried fruit, sultanas,

fig, anise, bergamot and fresh herbs. Medium-bodied with a little sweetness, aromatic taste of green raisins, anise and herbs. Long fruity finish.


Recommendations: As an avec with coffee, aperitif or throughout

the entire meal.


Producer: Persian Empire

Persian Empire Arak Saggi

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